Welcome Security Services CPD - An Independant Accreditation Service   We are the only specialised Independent Security Accreditation Company, that services the UK & International Security Companies with their Continuous Professional Development (CPD).  Our mission is to provide a valuable service to the wider Security Industry, enabling them to develop professional training, Seminars, and knowldege which is specific to security rather than generic programs. We fully support Individuals and Companies in seeking accredited qualifications with Awarding Organisations worldwide, as this progresses the skills and knowledge of operatives. We therefore support each person and company or entity through dedicated Security related CPD programs intended to increase knowledge, understanding and in many cases prepare Security Operatives for regulated qualifications.    Types of CPD Accredited programs to suit Individual needs  © Secruity CPD Global Ltd 2021 Made with Xara There are many trades and Specialisms within security, which are not available to the general public and with this in mind Security CPD Global Ltd is dedicated to the provision of Accrediting Training, Seminars and Knowledge sharing as an independent private Accreditation body within the Security Industry.  Formally Accredited CPD Formally accredited CPD follows a very similar route as a regulated course and will require Internal and External Quality Assurrance registration of learners and structured course materials with either portfolios or examninations as evidence of achieving the requiste standard. This is to ensure the quality and professional status of the CPD, that will give the industry confidence in accepting the certificate as a valuable source competence and professional attainment   Company Specific CPD This Cetificate is designed for companies wishing to formalise their own training programs and reward the Security Team with a certificate of competence  within their role. These must be internally verified by designated senior officers of the company who are required to keep records of attendance, marking and pass marks/protfolios which can be used as evidence for yearly CPD attainment and site related comptence ensuring customer satisfaction     Achievement - CPD The Attendance - CPD is designed for any courses or Security work related training that does not fit into the first two categories, allowing you greater freedom in the type of delivery, such as Online, Seminar or lecture style tutition, where it is not percieved as vital that an external formal testing process is required. It may involve a large number of learners who require to locally demonstrate their abilities to a competent person     Seminar/Task - CPD This is designed purely for the seminar or lecture style CPD in which a presenter or facilitator will provide information to a large audience or on a specific subject where you have decided it should be recognised due to the content. Task CPD could be defined as multiple departments or services working together in support of an exercise in preparation for an emergency. Giving supporting Operatives recognition   Members Services Training & Development We have access to a wide range of Security CPD Members who provide  formal regulated training via their own preferred Awarding Organsisations who would be happy to support you in obtaining Ofqual Regulated Courses Alternatively our team of specialists can develop CPD programs to suit your specific needs. The team will be happy to help our members with any questions or Queries We are able to help with providing Instructors in specialist areas or aid your instructors in obtaining qualification or experience    Consultancy Our consultants come from a wide cross section of the Security Industry and have many years of experience within their own specialisms which include the following * Private Investigations * Close Protection * Risk Management * Licensed Retail * Maritime * Aviation * CCTV * Accreditation Where we do not have dedicated consultants we can provide a list of our members who have expressed an interest in frrelance work      Specialist Program Development It can be a daunting task developing a training program suitable for delivery to Security Personnel or to your clients, so we have sector competent instructors and course writers that can help you develop either a CPD training programme or a regulated RQF course which you can then take to an Awarding Organisation for listing on the Regulated Qualification Framework. We pride ourselves on being able and willing to work with these organisations for the benefit of the industry  We provide our members with a wide variety of information, and access to trusted suppliers who offer discounts and special offers only available through Security CPD Global Ltd - We fully support Awarding Organisations and Government Departments to spread the Security & Safety message in the Interests of National Security   Supported CPD Sectors  Under Construction